Simplify Your Property Maintenance

Rely on our professionals for assistance

Every property in your neighborhood should look great, but maintenance can be overwhelming. That's why Pro-Way Services Inc. offers maintenance contracts. We serve both solo properties and entire neighborhoods. You can trust us to ensure your property looks amazing all year long.

Discuss your maintenance needs with our owner today.

Helping you maintain your property

With a seasonal or monthly contract from our team, you won't have to worry about maintenance. We'll take care of all kinds of odd jobs around your property. You can let us:

  • Turn swamp coolers on and off
  • Change lightbulbs in high ceilings
  • Find the source of electrical outages
  • Clean up trash around the neighborhood
  • Handle general neighborhood maintenance

We offer contracts for HOAs and apartment complexes, so you can trust us to maintain your entire neighborhood. With one of these contracts, we'll serve every property in the area. Reach out to us now if you're interested in an HOA contract.